Case Study: Our First International P2P Campaign!

International P2P

Our team is excited to share that we’ve successfully executed our first international peer-to-peer texting advocacy campaign in seven hours from beginning-to-end!

The goal:

Notify 12,000 potential supporters of a local piece of legislation in a foreign country to contact their local representatives before they were scheduled to vote on it.

Since the vote was coming up fast, the client had to mobilize their supporters as quickly as possible!

Our client provided the phone numbers, and we invited a partner to organize volunteers and send the texts out one-by-one through our RumbleUp app.

In two hours, all 12,000 messages were sent by the agents.

These were the stats:
1,309 replies from 1,044 people (9% reply rate)
215 positive responses (2% conversion)
Final result:

The client successfully invited 215 supporters and mobilized them to contact their legislators.

The cost per successful response was $14.65.

Now the client has over 200 engaged supporters to mobilize in future campaigns.

This is the power of peer-to-peer texting, now on an international level! 🌐

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Axios: uCampaign is “indicative of the future of online activism”

Once again, we’re elated that one of our client’s apps is gaining so much attention.

nra app

Haley Britzky states it clearly in her latest article, “The NRA has hit the mark on digital activism.”

The NRA is doing something right, something new, and they’re doing it well.

“Through push notifications and in-app reminders, users (who aren’t necessarily NRA members) are encouraged to call their representatives, post on social media, and donate.”

Thomas Peters, the founder of uCampaign which created the app, told Axios it’s a “tremendous success.”

The NRA has focused on fostering on online app community where tens of thousands of supporters go to advocate on behalf of their cause every day.

Peters says the app isn’t just for taking action — although there have been millions of “real-life actions” taken since its creation. NRA-ILA is also a community:

“People will jump on the app on July 4th and post messages like ‘God Bless America.’ They’re very patriotic, and they love their guns and they love their religion…and they’ve found a community of other people like them.”

Our uCampaign platform makes it easy to mobilize volunteers and track the different actions they’re taking. It allows our clients to keep their finger on the pulse, and always be tapped into what their supporters care about most.

In the digital age, mobile app-based advocacy is driving the future of online activism.

Read the full article here!

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Bloomberg: “An app so effective … even Democrats are jealous”

We’re thrilled to see one of our client apps covered extensively in Bloomberg today.

Joshua Green points out at the outset of his article, “As the push for gun control gains public momentum, the NRA’s ability to mobilize its members is more important than ever.”

This is why the community of active supporters the NRA has cultivated in their app is drawing so much buzz — even from Democrat activists:

“Democratic technologists say the NRA’s app-based lobbying campaign is the next wave of political organizing and one they’re hoping to emulate.”

We’re seeing time and time again that the gamification approach of awarding badges, points and social recognition to users for completing actions such as calling their representatives, sharing content or knocking on doors — works.

“That’s why Democratic organizers are so intent on keeping up. ‘This technology is positioned to flourish under the new rules emerging in social media, since it gives significant advantage to anyone organizing real people,’ says Michael Luciani, Farber’s fellow TuesdayCompany co-founder.”

The apps we build are more than just a great way to take action, they are a tool that allows supporters to organically share content to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, drawing more people in and getting your message out.

“As tech companies move to stamp out fake news and fraudulent accounts, users of the NRA’s app will see their messages spread more easily across social media, since they’re frequently directed at friends and family and won’t have to compete with as much artificial, bot-generated content.” says uCampaign Founder and CEO Thomas Peters.

“Facebook and Twitter love having organic content come in from other sources,” he says. “That’s why we built in integration. When we share stuff to those platforms, it’s seen as organic shares from real people.”

In an era of fake news and polarized parties, it’s important to foster a place where your supporters can go and connect with others who share their values and not feel threatened for speaking up about the issues they care about most.

Click here to read the full article!

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Everyone’s Favorite Screen: The Newsfeed

Check Out Our Improved App UI and Newsfeed Enhancements
Our next set of apps hitting the app stores include optimized fonts, graphic enhancements, and a fully iPhone X compatible design (as we revealed last week).

This is the first step of our 2018 plan to dramatically improve the visual appeal and diversity of our UI.

iPhone X

While Facebook overhauls its newsfeed to sideline organizational news and sponsored content, our newsfeed continues to allow you to showcase your content and make it easy for your supporters to share it organically back to Facebook and other social networks, as well as their address book contacts via peer-to-peer email and text!

Our newsfeed is also bursting with new flags and tools, including trackable hashtags, more ways to view and track trending and hot topics, and more ways to customize your feed. The newsfeed is our most popular screen (when supporters are not seeing new Actions regularly) and a big driver of return traffic, so our goal is to make it as inviting as possible.

2018, we’re on a roll!

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iPhone X Optimization

Those lucky enough to own an iPhoneX will enjoy our next generation of apps that fully take advantage of all that extra screen space! #iPhoneX

ucampaign iphone x

Earning points while supporting a cause has never looked so good. Our next generation of apps have been fully upgraded to seamlessly fill the entire screen of the latest iPhone. Whether you’re socializing with fellow supporters on the newsfeed or boosting your score by completing actions, it’s sure to look great on that big beautiful screen. ✨

Tell us what you think! And keep your eye out for more updates to come. 👀

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Let’s get ready to… RumbleUp!

We’re thrilled to announce the next heavyweight champ of P2P texting.🥊

RumbleUp logo

RumbleUp is an iOS, Android and web-based peer-to-peer texting tool (built on our uCampaign platform) that enables your designated staff or supporters (“agents”) to have thousands of 1-to-1 conversations via text messages (SMS).

Each 1-on-1 text message is sent by a human being one at a time. Agents can send messages at the rate of 1,400-per-hour​. Each message is sent individually by a human being, increasing the number of organic conversations one person can have!

Just in time for the 2018 midterm primaries and elections!

Here are some important facts about texting:

  • 80% of text messages are read within three minutes
  • SMS messages offer 4X the click-through rate of email and 16X the conversion
  • 75% of millennials prefer SMS communications for deliveries, promotions and surveys
  • P2P is 68X faster than phone banking – which saves volunteer time & money
  • Our rates are on average about 30% lower than other providers!

This powerful tool provides you with a direct line of communication with your most difficult to reach supporters and helps you engage with them on a personal level.

Send any group of individuals a personalized text message asking them to register to vote, watch videos, request absentee ballots, find their polling place, donate(!), fill out surveys, RSVP to events, share their email addresses, volunteer, get out and vote, etc.

Or get even more personal and introduce yourself as a candidate! Imagine being able to text everyone in your district asking how you can best represent them. You can even include a picture of yourself or add any other type of media! Including gifs✨

We can partner with L2, DataTrust, or any other data source you pull from. So set-up is a snap.

This innovative tool is a game changer for those who want more meaningful connections with their audience.

We’ve barely scratched the surface of possibilities with the examples provided above. Give us a call or shoot us an email and we’ll be happy to discuss how this tool can boost your campaign to the next level.

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uCampaign Career Day

Last week we had a wonderful afternoon hosting a group of local college students majoring in political science and philosophy! They came in eager to hear our company’s story from our founder and CEO Thomas Peters and learn about how he believes digital and peer-to-peer is taking over politics.

talk- uCampaign

It was such a pleasure talking with these energized young men and women about how technology can improve campaigns, government and democracy. They asked awesome questions about how innovative technology is disrupting the political sphere and how the team here at uCampaign is striving to stay ahead of the curve.

Keep your eyes out for these soon to be political superstars coming to a campaign near you! 👀

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