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It’s A Matter of Trust

With all the “fake news” going around the media, it’s hard to figure out what is real and what isn’t. In the past year, there’s been a shift in the dynamics of information, trust, and influence — a shift that

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uCampaign App Mentioned in Latest Campaigns & Elections

Check out the latest Campaigns & Elections​ article that mentions our app!

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Trump and Brexit used a new digital organizing tool to help achieve their surprise victories

Source: ABC President-elect Donald Trump credits social media as a key to his victory. Unorthodox and underdog campaigns are more willing to try new technologies. Founded only two years ago, we were hired to build the official UK Vote Leave

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We Built The App That Helped Reelect the President of the Dominican Republic by a Landslide

Danilo Medina won the 2012 Dominican Republic Presidential election with 51.21% of the vote — too close for comfort. Four years later he can boast some notable progress: the DR has been the fastest growing economy in Latin America and the Caribbean

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