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Case Study: Our First International P2P Campaign!

Our team is excited to share that we’ve successfully executed our first international peer-to-peer texting advocacy campaign in seven hours from beginning-to-end! The goal: Notify 12,000 potential supporters of a local piece of legislation in a foreign country to contact

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Axios: uCampaign is “indicative of the future of online activism”

Once again, we’re elated that one of our client’s apps is gaining so much attention. Haley Britzky states it clearly in her latest article, “The NRA has hit the mark on digital activism.” The NRA is doing something right, something

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Bloomberg: “An app so effective … even Democrats are jealous”

We’re thrilled to see one of our client apps covered extensively in Bloomberg today. Joshua Green points out at the outset of his article, “As the push for gun control gains public momentum, the NRA’s ability to mobilize its members

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Everyone’s Favorite Screen: The Newsfeed

Check Out Our Improved App UI and Newsfeed Enhancements Our next set of apps hitting the app stores include optimized fonts, graphic enhancements, and a fully iPhone X compatible design (as we revealed last week). This is the first step

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iPhone X Optimization

Those lucky enough to own an iPhoneX will enjoy our next generation of apps that fully take advantage of all that extra screen space! #iPhoneX Earning points while supporting a cause has never looked so good. Our next generation of

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Let’s get ready to… RumbleUp!

We’re thrilled to announce the next heavyweight champ of P2P texting.🥊 RumbleUp is an iOS, Android and web-based peer-to-peer texting tool (built on our uCampaign platform) that enables your designated staff or supporters (“agents”) to have thousands of 1-to-1 conversations via text

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uCampaign Career Day

Last week we had a wonderful afternoon hosting a group of local college students majoring in political science and philosophy! They came in eager to hear our company’s story from our founder and CEO Thomas Peters and learn about how

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