Case Study: Our First International P2P Campaign!

International P2P

Our team is excited to share that we’ve successfully executed our first international peer-to-peer texting advocacy campaign in seven hours from beginning-to-end!

The goal:

Notify 12,000 potential supporters of a local piece of legislation in a foreign country to contact their local representatives before they were scheduled to vote on it.

Since the vote was coming up fast, the client had to mobilize their supporters as quickly as possible!

Our client provided the phone numbers, and we invited a partner to organize volunteers and send the texts out one-by-one through our RumbleUp app.

In two hours, all 12,000 messages were sent by the agents.

These were the stats:
1,309 replies from 1,044 people (9% reply rate)
215 positive responses (2% conversion)
Final result:

The client successfully invited 215 supporters and mobilized them to contact their legislators.

The cost per successful response was $14.65.

Now the client has over 200 engaged supporters to mobilize in future campaigns.

This is the power of peer-to-peer texting, now on an international level! 🌐


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