Axios: uCampaign is “indicative of the future of online activism”

Once again, we’re elated that one of our client’s apps is gaining so much attention.

nra app

Haley Britzky states it clearly in her latest article, “The NRA has hit the mark on digital activism.”

The NRA is doing something right, something new, and they’re doing it well.

“Through push notifications and in-app reminders, users (who aren’t necessarily NRA members) are encouraged to call their representatives, post on social media, and donate.”

Thomas Peters, the founder of uCampaign which created the app, told Axios it’s a “tremendous success.”

The NRA has focused on fostering on online app community where tens of thousands of supporters go to advocate on behalf of their cause every day.

Peters says the app isn’t just for taking action — although there have been millions of “real-life actions” taken since its creation. NRA-ILA is also a community:

“People will jump on the app on July 4th and post messages like ‘God Bless America.’ They’re very patriotic, and they love their guns and they love their religion…and they’ve found a community of other people like them.”

Our uCampaign platform makes it easy to mobilize volunteers and track the different actions they’re taking. It allows our clients to keep their finger on the pulse, and always be tapped into what their supporters care about most.

In the digital age, mobile app-based advocacy is driving the future of online activism.

Read the full article here!


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