Bloomberg: “An app so effective … even Democrats are jealous”

We’re thrilled to see one of our client apps covered extensively in Bloomberg today.

Joshua Green points out at the outset of his article, “As the push for gun control gains public momentum, the NRA’s ability to mobilize its members is more important than ever.”

This is why the community of active supporters the NRA has cultivated in their app is drawing so much buzz — even from Democrat activists:

“Democratic technologists say the NRA’s app-based lobbying campaign is the next wave of political organizing and one they’re hoping to emulate.”

We’re seeing time and time again that the gamification approach of awarding badges, points and social recognition to users for completing actions such as calling their representatives, sharing content or knocking on doors — works.

“That’s why Democratic organizers are so intent on keeping up. ‘This technology is positioned to flourish under the new rules emerging in social media, since it gives significant advantage to anyone organizing real people,’ says Michael Luciani, Farber’s fellow TuesdayCompany co-founder.”

The apps we build are more than just a great way to take action, they are a tool that allows supporters to organically share content to social networks like Facebook and Twitter, drawing more people in and getting your message out.

“As tech companies move to stamp out fake news and fraudulent accounts, users of the NRA’s app will see their messages spread more easily across social media, since they’re frequently directed at friends and family and won’t have to compete with as much artificial, bot-generated content.” says uCampaign Founder and CEO Thomas Peters.

“Facebook and Twitter love having organic content come in from other sources,” he says. “That’s why we built in integration. When we share stuff to those platforms, it’s seen as organic shares from real people.”

In an era of fake news and polarized parties, it’s important to foster a place where your supporters can go and connect with others who share their values and not feel threatened for speaking up about the issues they care about most.

Click here to read the full article!


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